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Sustainability strategy overhauled: Sustainability Council welcomes new focus on the major transformation topics

In a first statement, the German Council for Sustainable Development welcomes the fundamental general overhaul of the German sustainability strategy. “It is particularly important that the Federal Government has for the first time identified so-called transformation areas,” says Dr Werner Schnappauf, Chairman of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE). “Climate neutrality thus moves to […]

How to use MySSC?

In order to be able to use MySSC, a person in your company should be named who takes care for the administrative management for all users who should have access to one or more software. The administrator can then create accounts for the authorized users. He also books the required allotment, i.e. the appropriate price […]

What are the advantages of MySSC?

helpful set of business software from a single source each software can be used individually and can easily be booked access to the different software with one login (single sign-on) intuitive use thanks to the same look & feel easy handling of users as admin transparent price model

What is MySSC?

MySSC-Cloud offers a set of very helpful software to manage – partly on mandatory purpose – diverse business sections  in an efficient way. This includes e.g. the BI software “TransPPParent” for having relevant KPIs at a glance, meeting the requirements of the management systems ISO 9001 with the software “QualityManagement or monitoring maintenance of any […]

What are the CO2 emissions of a New Year’s Eve rocket?

Admittedly, finding reliable figures on this is difficult. But we assume that, according to statistics, an average of 20,000 tons of black powder with a CO2 equivalent of 4600 tons were sold in Germany last year. This corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of 0.23 tons per ton of black powder. In Germany, category F2 rockets […]

PeoplePlanetProfit become an Associate member of ResponsibleSteel

We have been a proud ResponsibleSteel member since December 2020. A non-profit organization for members from all stages of the steel supply chain. ResponsibleSteel has developed an independent certification standard and program aligned with the ISEAL Codes of Conduct.   Read more