What does a factory have to have to be CO2 neutral?

Industry wants to become sustainable and climate-neutral. But what does a factory have to have to be CO2-neutral? We asked four experts.

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New technology from the DBU: More environmental protection with scrap metal

The waste disposal and recycling company Alba commissioned an aluminum sorting plant in mid-May, using a first commercial application of a laser-based sorting technology co-developed by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.


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Pharmacies are not doing enough for climate protection

According to a report by the ViaMedica Foundation commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), climate protection in the healthcare sector still leaves much to be desired – pharmacies are also implementing too few measures in this area.


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EU states decide to cut CO₂ pollution rights

Europe’s CO₂ emissions must fall. That’s why the EU member states have now decided to cut back on pollution allowances. Starting next year, shipping will also have to purchase them.

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Compensation of German managers is lagging behind

Nowhere in Europe do so few companies tie executive compensation to ESG metrics as in Germany. Investors expect a change of course.


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Consulting – Life Cycle Assessments & Corporate Carbon Footprint

Topics such as life cycle assessment and corporate carbon footprints are becoming increasingly important – for companies, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the case of the corporate carbon footprint, all direct and indirect CO2 emissions generated by the company are accounted for on the basis of ISO 14064.
Life cycle assessments (LCAs) are used to present the direct or indirect environmental impacts of products, processes or business units over a defined life cycle.

This offers many advantages:

✔ Potential savings in terms of energy and materials
✔ Evidence for sustainability reports
✔ Image improvement and competitive advantages through credible external presentation of environmental commitment
✔ Increase in employee motivation
✔ Company-internal product comparison
✔ Support for environmentally compatible product development
✔ Cost reduction

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CO₂ certificates: Greenwashing in the African savannah

If companies want to achieve the climate targets they have set themselves, they often have to offset their emissions with CO₂ certificates. Nature is an important partner in this, especially the protection of forests.

We will be happy to advise you on which measures to reduce CO₂ emissions are suitable for your company.

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Our DNK-Reporting for 2022 is online

We have set ourselves the goal of continuously reviewing, reducing and offsetting our climate-relevant activities over the long term:

  • Our office is used 100% with green electricity. This enabled us to reduce our Scope 2 emissions to 0.2 tons in 2022
  • We only use Second Life office furniture and recycled paper
  • We are a member of AUF and Responsible Steel to promote a sustainable supply chain
  • We offer flexible working hours as well as home office for optimal work-life balance
  • We offset our emissions by compensating our emissions through Treedom
  • We donate to social and ecological project

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Still too much Excel: deficits in ESG reporting in medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies also have to deal more intensively with sustainability reporting. However, the implementation is anything but easy, as a recent study shows. This is also due to the fact that many finance departments still rely too much on Excel.

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ESG activities in medium-sized companies: goals, drivers and risks

Medium-sized companies also need a strategy for their ESG activities. What goals are they pursuing? And what risks do they need to circumnavigate?


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