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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are used to provide environmental information of a product or service according to ISO 14025. EPDs are Type III environmental declarations and these are verified by independent auditors. They are based on a life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

Our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program

We prepare individualized environmental product declarations, calculate the LCA according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, and provide auditors for verification. Our general program guide provides detailed information about our program.

Preparation of an environmental product declaration

If you are interested in an environmental product declaration for your product, you can either use the existing product categories (PCR) as a guideline or we can develop the appropriate product category. Our environmental product declarations have a validity of 5 years and are verified. In addition, it is possible to place a logo with a QR code on the product to refer to the environmental product declaration.


EPDs create transparency with regard to the environmental impact of a product and can therefore increase awareness, meet customer demands for fact-based information, and help improve the environmental performance of the product. In particular, we would like to enable end consumers to consult the environmental product declaration as part of their purchasing decision by providing a clear presentation of the environmental performance.

The PPP Expert Committee (SVA) takes care of the validation of the PKR documents

Mr. Andree Treffenfeld, Treffenfeld & Co. GmbH
Mr. Armin Hipper, Office for Sustainability & Business Ethics
Mr. Felix Matthies, PeoplePlanetProfit GmbH

All inquiries regarding the Environmental Product Declaration Program or the preparation of Environmental Product Declarations can be directed to info@ppp.ms. We want to consider and respect the interests of all stakeholders.

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