Sustainability and efficiency in companies

Here you will find an overview of important topics in the field of environmental protection and efficiency in companies. Our content covers various aspects, from energy audits to blockchain solutions.

Energy audit

Find out why energy audits are crucial for companies and what benefits they offer. An energy audit helps to identify energy-intensive processes and uncover potential savings.

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Corporate carbon footprint

Find out how companies can calculate and reduce their carbon footprint. An ecological balance sheet is crucial to understand the impact on the environment and to take measures for improvement.

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Corporate Social Responsibility KPIs

Discover which KPIs are important for measuring a company’s social responsibility. An effective CSR strategy not only contributes to the well-being of society, but also strengthens the corporate image.

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Building materials and buildings platform

Find out how innovative building materials and intelligent building concepts can contribute to sustainability. A comprehensive database enables companies to select the right materials and designs for their projects.

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Blockchain solutions

Learn how blockchain technology improves transparency and efficiency in various industries. From supply chain management to secure data transfer, blockchain solutions offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses.

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