SmartShip network – SmartShip is a research and development network that aims to digitize shipping ( [1]

The aim of the project is to develop the Maritime Digital Platform (MDP) for use in the recreational boating sector. The MDP is used to record, process, analyze and evaluate previously unrecordable, ship-specific information. By combining edge and cloud computing solutions, the strengths of both systems can be optimally combined. Edge components include sensors that record real-time data which is then stored, analyzed and processed via the cloud. It will also be possible to record relevant data (e.g. bilge water level, battery charge status) in winter storage in a maintenance-free and uncomplicated manner in order to always be able to provide complete and correct information. The result is a digital twin of the sports boat in the cloud and visualized on the boat itself. For the first time, the MDP makes it possible to record a wide range of ship data that can be determined or generated across ships.

The MDP hardware has a modular structure to fulfill the various tasks required. This enables adaptation to different user needs and allows a broader market to be covered.
cover a broader market. The hardware will be housed in a compact and seaworthy housing, so that the future customer has an open platform with an open range of functionalities and the corresponding A-connections and the system can be used not only in inland waters.

The MDP will be designed as an open platform to give OEMs and end users the opportunity to develop their own applications for the MDP or simply integrate existing ones. The aim of those involved in the project is to create the software environment as a corresponding overarching, standardizing framework, also for third-party providers, and thus also to enable the overall integration of existing systems. This is intended to meet the high demand for individualization on the part of boat owners and enable a specific focus on special applications. This should also increase the acceptance of the product among potential customers.