Compliance management is the process of ensuring that an organisation complies with the laws, standards, regulations and guidelines applicable to its industry or business. This applies to data protection as well as the fight against money laundering, corruption, etc. Regulations etc. must also be observed with regard to occupational health and safety or environmental protection.

  • The ComPPPlianceManagement software solution is a monitoring system.
  • The software can be used to monitor legal requirements simply and clearly.
  • The system monitors all legal changes live via the interface to the Federal Office of Justice.
  • Additional laws, regulations and directives can also be added manually.
  • Users are automatically informed of changes once a day by e-mail.
  • A traffic light system indicates the status.

Establishing software-supported compliance management in your company has various advantages. Your company gains trust and credibility and at the same time enhances its image. You sensitise your employees and reduce liability risks at the same time.