What is ResponsibleSteel?

ResponsibleSteel is a global initiative dedicated to promoting and certifying sustainable practices in the steel industry. It was founded in response to growing demands from consumers, companies and regulators for sustainability in the industry.

With the introduction of “ResponsibleSteel Certification” and “Responsible Steel 2.0”, the initiative is setting new standards for environmental sustainability, social justice and economic viability. The clear focus is on implementing responsible practices along the entire supply chain to address not only environmental but also social challenges.

In doing so, ResponsibleSteel strives to bring about profound positive change towards greater sustainability and responsibility in steel production and processing and offers a holistic approach to improving industry standards. It supports companies in addressing not only the environmental but also the social challenges in their operations.

Why ResponsibleSteel certification?

Achieving ResponsibleSteel certification serves as a powerful tool for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. In addition to the obvious strengthening of market position and brand image through improved sustainability credits, certification also gives companies access to new markets and business opportunities.

It also helps to minimize operational risks and increase efficiency through the introduction of best practices and innovative technologies. Certification thus creates added value that goes far beyond mere compliance and contributes to the sustainable development of the entire industry.

All the advantages of ResponsibleSteel certification at a glance

  • Corporate management

    Promoting ethical business practices and transparent corporate governance.

  • Social, environmental and governance management systems

    Integrated management approaches for sustainable corporate success.

  • Health and safety

    Protecting employees and communities from work-related risks.

  • Labor rights

    Ensuring fair working conditions and respect for employee rights.

  • Human rights

    Commitment to respect human rights in all business areas and along the supply chain.

  • Local community

    Positive contributions to the development of local communities.

  • Involvement of interest groups

    Open dialog and transparency towards all stakeholders.

  • Climate change

    Active measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the emission of pollutants.

  • Environmental pollution

    Minimization of noise, emissions, waste water, chemicals and waste.

  • Water management

    Responsible use of water resources.

  • Biodiversity

    Protection and preservation of biodiversity.

  • Decommissioning and closure

    Sustainable design of decommissioning and closure processes.

Our services:

Our services are designed to support companies and organizations on their path to environmental and climate responsibility.

We offer a wide range of services related to ResponsibleSteel. We support you from data collection to the chain of custody certification of products with the following services:

  • Advice and support with the introduction and maintenance of the ResponsibleSteel standard
  • As-is assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Internal audits and audit support (inspections)
  • Documentation and follow-up
  • Support during the introduction of new processes and procedures
  • Implementation of controls and monitoring for recertification

Unique advantages with PPP:

Working with us brings unique benefits. These support not only Responsible Steel certification, but also the continued implementation of more sustainable business practices. Ongoing support and training for employees are unique services that enable greater implementation success.

  • Fast turnaround: Using state-of-the-art software, we deliver results in record time.
  • International team: Our global team is ready to assist you with all your ResponsibleSteel questions and projects.
  • Industry expertise: Our team has extensive knowledge of sustainability, environmental management and social responsibility and can draw on many years of experience in various industries.
  • Customized solutions: We offer individual advice and services tailored specifically to your company’s needs.
  • Efficiency and time savings: By using standardized templates, we help you to make your supply chains more legally compliant, sustainable and efficient.
  • Ongoing support: We are your long-term partner for sustainability. Our support does not end with the assessment, but includes the development of a sustainable strategy for the future.
  • Improved sustainability practices and strengthened image: The improved sustainability practices can strengthen the brand and corporate image. We support you in integrating these findings into your marketing strategy.

Free initial consultation

Are you interested in ResponsibleSteel certification? Arrange a free initial consultation with our experts now to find out more about how we can support your company.

Patrick Wortner

CEO | MBA and Eng., Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

The ResponsibleSteel certification process

The process for obtaining ResponsibleSteel certification begins with a company self-assessment aimed at verifying compliance with the ResponsibleSteel standards. This initial phase is followed by the submission of relevant documentation outlining the company’s sustainable practices. Our team will support you from data collection to document preparation and assessment.

A ResponsibleSteel accredited auditor then conducts a comprehensive audit to directly verify all practices. Finally, any necessary adjustments are made to ensure full compliance with the certification standards and successful completion of the certification. We are also at your side for future adjustments and the implementation of measures and objectives.

Costs of ResponsibleSteel certification

The costs for ResponsibleSteel certification vary depending on the size of the company, the complexity of the operational processes and the scope of the required audits. PPP offers individual cost estimates to enable companies to plan their budgets clearly. This transparency helps companies to prepare effectively for the certification process.

Outlook: Responsible Steel & Certification

The growing awareness of environmental and social standards is driving the demand for ResponsibleSteel certification. This certification enables steel companies to position themselves as leaders in sustainability, which not only improves market presence but also helps to meet and exceed global sustainability targets.

Free initial consultation

Are you interested in ResponsibleSteel certification? Arrange a free initial consultation with our experts now to find out more about how we can support your company.

Patrick Wortner

CEO | MBA and Eng., Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Frequently asked questions

ResponsibleSteel is an initiative that promotes sustainability in the steel industry. Certification underlines a company’s commitment to environmentally friendly and socially responsible management, strengthens its corporate image and promotes a sustainable corporate culture.

The certification process includes an assessment of company practices, documentation review and an audit by an accredited auditor, followed by any necessary adjustments to meet the certification standards.

Certification improves the company’s image, increases competitiveness by demonstrating sustainable practices and opens up access to new markets and business opportunities.

The costs depend on various factors, including company size and complexity. For more detailed information, we offer individual consultations.

PPP offers comprehensive support from preparation through internal audit to successful certification, including consulting, documentation support and training.