Blockchain technology – your idea, our solution

The blockchain is a technology for storing data, e.g. from a transaction or measurement to store in a remote network.
This is irreversible, transparent, anonymous and secure.

Advantages of Blockchain


The data is stored locally on various devices worldwide. A failure of systems or successful hacker attacks are in fact not proven.

Counterfeit Protection

Encryption methods as well as validation and authorization mechanisms protect the data in the block chain from tampering.


An unauthorized change to logged data is exposed directly, making the data complete, permanent, timely, accurate and always available.


Decentralized and redundant data storage for all blockchain participants protects against failures and data loss.

Process Optimisation

Blockchain technology enables easy tracking of transactions, for example, of logistics and production processes. For example e.g. to uncover vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

Low transaction costs

The blockchain allows for direct (peer-to-peer) transactions among the subscribers without a third instance, such as e.g. Banks, notaries or IT service providers. Without these instances, the cost to users will decrease.

Blockchain solutions from PPP

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Requirements Management (Requirements Engineering)
  • Recommendations for the use of blockchain technologies
  • Development and construction of individual platforms
  • Implementation of blockchain technologies in business processes
  • Service and Support

Integrationslösung zur Speicherung generierter Daten im P2P-Netzwerk sowie als Transaktion in der Blockchain