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Mineral raw materials are becoming a bottleneck factor in the energy transition

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published an in-depth report on 5.5.2021 on the supply situation of mineral commodities for the extraction of copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt and rare earths for the transformation process of the energy transition. The underlying trade markets are characterized by high growth, increasing price volatility, geopolitical interests, and supply disruptions with […]

Strengthening IT skills central to achieving digital sovereignty

Germany can be digital! campaign focuses on digital education Alliance of digital and business associations demands more speed from politicians in the super election year in the area of digital education KI Bundesverband and Gesellschaft für Informatik join the Deutschland kann digital! initiative Continue reading

biodiversity and business

Biodiversity and business – Biodiversity and the associated ecosystem services are the basis of societal well-being and prosperity and thus also the economic basis of almost all businesses. Various risks to business are to be expected: Physical operational risks Market risks Reputational risks Financing risks Weiterlesen

Sustainability strategy overhauled: Sustainability Council welcomes new focus on the major transformation topics

Berlin, March 10, 2021 – In a first statement, the German Council for Sustainable Development welcomes the fundamental general overhaul of the German sustainability strategy. “It is particularly important that the German government has for the first time identified so-called transformation areas,” said Dr. Werner Schnappauf, Chairman of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE). […]

Compass for a sustainable future

A future in which nature and the climate are protected, fewer people suffer hardship and society holds together – that’s what Germany wants to contribute to with its sustainability strategy. It has now been relaunched and is setting the pace for the energy transition and climate protection. Read more

“Digital Now” – New funding for the digitization of SMEs

To make it easier for SMEs to implement digitization, the new “Digital Now – Investment Support for SMEs” funding program offers financial grants to stimulate corresponding investments in small and medium-sized enterprises – including craft enterprises and the liberal professions.   Read more

Germany exceeds climate target

The Corona crisis has put a big dent in Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, a target that had long been written off is now likely to be exceeded. But experts warn: A pandemic cannot replace climate policy.   Read more

Bundestag decides Extension of deadline for the registration of third party quantities

On 17.12.2020, the amendment of the EEG was passed by the Bundestag. This means that the deadline for the introduction and implementation of a metering concept for the recording of third-party electricity volumes has been extended. This is justified, among other things, by supply difficulties for the required measuring equipment as well as the publication […]

CO2 price calculator for companies

As part of the German government’s climate package, it has been decided to introduce a CO2 price for fossil fuels from 2021. With the CO2 price calculator of the IHK organization, you can calculate the change in costs for your company.   Read more