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CSDDD: EU Parliament votes for stricter EU supply chain law

The EU supply chain law continues to take shape: On June 1, the majority of the European Parliament voted to tighten the EU Commission’s original legislative proposal. In this form, the directive would place greater obligations on companies than the German supply chain law. A decision in the EU trilogue is due shortly.

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Sustainability as an opportunity

A guest article by Uwe Beyer, employee of the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS on the topics of sustainability, climate change and the global challenges.

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Ecological footprint

Measuring your personal carbon footprint – this is how it works

New technology from the DBU: More environmental protection with scrap metal

The waste disposal and recycling company Alba commissioned an aluminum sorting plant in mid-May, using a first commercial application of a laser-based sorting technology co-developed by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.


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Pharmacies are not doing enough for climate protection

According to a report by the ViaMedica Foundation commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), climate protection in the healthcare sector still leaves much to be desired – pharmacies are also implementing too few measures in this area.


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Compensation of German managers is lagging behind

Nowhere in Europe do so few companies tie executive compensation to ESG metrics as in Germany. Investors expect a change of course.


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Consulting – Life Cycle Assessments & Corporate Carbon Footprint

Topics such as life cycle assessment and corporate carbon footprints are becoming increasingly important – for companies, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the case of the corporate carbon footprint, all direct and indirect CO2 emissions generated by the company are accounted for on the basis of ISO 14064.
Life cycle assessments (LCAs) are used to present the direct or indirect environmental impacts of products, processes or business units over a defined life cycle.

This offers many advantages:

✔ Potential savings in terms of energy and materials
✔ Evidence for sustainability reports
✔ Image improvement and competitive advantages through credible external presentation of environmental commitment
✔ Increase in employee motivation
✔ Company-internal product comparison
✔ Support for environmentally compatible product development
✔ Cost reduction

PeoplePlanetProfit supports companies since 2014 in all questions of sustainability and also in life cycle assessment and corporate carbon footprint.

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How companies can take care of the ecological footprint

As a company for sustainable consulting and software offerings in the area of sustainability, energy and the environment, we set a good example and save CO2 every day by enabling our employees to work remotely and from home.
Hear from sustainability researcher Gerrit von Jorck on how companies can take care of their environmental footprint and what to consider when doing so.

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Successfully changing society

The current ecological, economic and social challenges necessitate a comprehensive societal transformation toward sustainability. It is now clear that committed goals, scenarios and individual instruments as well as technology developments alone are not enough.

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Transformation researcher Maja Göpel: “We are facing the greatest adventure of mankind”

Maja Göpel is considered one of the smartest minds in Germany when it comes to tomorrow’s economy. She says we have long known what it takes to avert the climate catastrophe and continue to live a good life on Earth. We just need to have the courage to do it.

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