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Consulting – Life Cycle Assessments & Corporate Carbon Footprint

Topics such as life cycle assessment and corporate carbon footprints are becoming increasingly important – for companies, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the case of the corporate carbon footprint, all direct and indirect CO2 emissions generated by the company are accounted for on the basis of ISO 14064.
Life cycle assessments (LCAs) are used to present the direct or indirect environmental impacts of products, processes or business units over a defined life cycle.

This offers many advantages:

✔ Potential savings in terms of energy and materials
✔ Evidence for sustainability reports
✔ Image improvement and competitive advantages through credible external presentation of environmental commitment
✔ Increase in employee motivation
✔ Company-internal product comparison
✔ Support for environmentally compatible product development
✔ Cost reduction

PeoplePlanetProfit supports companies since 2014 in all questions of sustainability and also in life cycle assessment and corporate carbon footprint.

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