Life Cycle Assessments and Corporate Carbon Footprint

What are Life Cycle Assessments and Corporate Carbon Footprint?

Life cycle assessments and corporate carbon footprints represent an important contribution to counteracting climate change on the basis of appropriately derived measures.

When determining the corporate carbon footprint, all direct and indirect CO2 emissions generated by the company are balanced on the basis of ISO 14064. This enables a qualified statement to be made about the climate impact of all the company’s activities and processes. From this, weak points and potentials can be derived in order to set targets and improve the company’s environmental performance.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are based on ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. LCAs are used to present the direct or indirect environmental impacts of products, processes or company divisions over a defined life cycle. This method allows the environmental impacts to be calculated and presented using established methods. Not only the CO2 footprint is considered, but also the global and local environmental impact of products or processes.

Why create life cycle assessments?

Benefit from LCA as follows:

  • Basis for political decision-making processes
  • In-house product comparison
  • Support for environmentally compatible product development
  • Decision support for product optimization
  • Possibility for process optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Marketing instrument and proof for customers
  • Creation of competitive advantages
  • Image enhancement with customers

How we can support you

  • Determination of the essential products
  • Determination of functional and declared unit
  • Determination of life cycle,
  • Support for data collection,
  • Calculation of sensitivity analyses
  • Preparation of life cycle assessments according to ISO 14040/44,
  • Calculation of the balances by means of LCA software GaBi or Umberto incl Ecoinvent,
  • Preparation of LCA report according to ISO 14040/44,
  • Preparation of an overview as a marketing tool

Support for the development of environmental product declarations

Why determine the carbon footprint?

Take advantage of the following benefits with the Corporate Carbon Footprint:

  • Basis for strategic investment decisions
  • Identification of actual CO2 hotspots and potential savings in terms of energy and materials
  • Basis for optimizations
  • Evidence for sustainability reports
  • Basis for climate compensation projects
  • Image improvement and competitive advantages through credible external presentation of environmental commitment
  • Increase in employee motivation

Our services at a glance

  • As-is analysis incl. analysis of individual business processes
  • Integration into existing management systems
  • Definition of the balance sheet framework
  • Balancing with GaBi or Umberto incl. Ecoinvent
  • Preparation of a report according to ISO 14040/44 or ISO 14064
  • Define and communicate recommendations for action
  • Recommendations for climate neutrality
  • Continuous data collection
  • Continuous verifications
  • Training of employees



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