Consumers are Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Products

Concerns about the environment are on the rise due to extreme weather events. Consumers are willing to make changes and pay an average of 12% more for sustainable products. However, a study by Bain & Company reveals that over 60% of businesses are falling behind in meeting their sustainability goals This is highlighting the pressing need for a comprehensive approach involving technology, policy, and behavior change. In this context, an increasingly conscious base of consumers and employees can play a crucial role in driving the progress. Discover the surprising insights, such as the willingness of consumers to pay more for sustainable products and the misconceptions surrounding sustainability. Explore how companies can devise future-proof and flexible strategies, acknowledge the diversity of consumer segments, leverage marketing experimentation, and proactively engage with changing regulations. This article also emphasizes the importance of upskilling employees to effectively embed sustainability into business operations and outlines how Bain is leading by example in this regard through its partnership with world-class universities. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into these compelling insights and learn how your organization can navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability successfully.

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