Business Intelligence Software TransPPParent

What is Business Intelligence?

he term Business Intelligence (BI) covers a range of tools, applications and methods that enable the decision-oriented collection, processing and presentation of business-relevant information from internal systems and external sources. In essence, BI thus comprises:

  • Acquisition of data by means of data mining
  • Analysis of data
  • Data visualization by means of dashboards

This technology-driven process for data analysis and visualization of usable information is intended to help decision-makers in the company as well as operational employees to make well-founded business decisions. Business intelligence thus serves, among other things, to automate controlling and reporting and can also be used for planning and trend analyses.

The task of the business intelligence software is, for example, to access and process data from the company’s own ERP systems. The analysis is then carried out using these analytical information systems or methods such as data warehousing or data mining.

The goal of business intelligence as a component of management information systems is the generation of economic findings about the status quo of the company and the future perspectives of both the own organization and the respective business environment.

Why Business Intelligence?

Take advantage of Business Intelligence and the use of BI software:

  • Collect data & information and derive forecasts
  • Accelerate and improve decision making
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Achieve business goals
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve return on investment (ROI)
  • Optimize internal business processes
  • Gain competitive advantage over competitors
  • Support identification of market trends
  • Identify business issues that need to be addressed

Functions of the BI software “TransPPParent”

Our online-based BI software offers extensive functions to implement key figure management easily and efficiently:

  • Key figure recording
  • Recording and creation of carbon footprints according to GHG protocol
  • Storage of conversion factors, units, key figures, etc.
  • Extensive dashboard with different diagram types for analysis and reporting
  • Reminder functions for upcoming deadlines (data collection)
  • Extensive user administration with definition of roles
  • Global search function incl. filter by locations, areas, etc.
  • Use and visualization with common smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android) possible without any problems
  • Individually customizable

Pricing model

69 Euro per month up to 10 users