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What makes people care about the environment?

A new study analyzes the factors that drive environmental concern among Europeans in an effort to understand how we can bolster popular support for combating climate change. Read more…

Software from PPP: Occupational Safety Software HSEasyM

Together with the HSE team, we have developed the HSEasyM software to simplify and make efficient the planning, implementation, control & optimization of operational processes in HSE management. Find out more now and download our free factsheet.   To HSEasyM

How companies can take care of the ecological footprint

As a company for sustainable consulting and software offerings in the area of sustainability, energy and the environment, we set a good example and save CO2 every day by enabling our employees to work remotely and from home. Hear from sustainability researcher Gerrit von Jorck on how companies can take care of their environmental footprint […]

Successfully changing society

The current ecological, economic and social challenges necessitate a comprehensive societal transformation toward sustainability. It is now clear that committed goals, scenarios and individual instruments as well as technology developments alone are not enough. Read more…

Carve Out: When Companies Split Up for Sustainability

Sustainable companies are in demand. Many investors no longer want environmentally harmful companies. Large corporations are responding to this by spinning off divisions that emit a lot of climate-damaging CO2, for example. This is called a “carve-out.” Read more…