How to use MySSC?

In order to be able to use MySSC, a person in your company should be named who takes care for the administrative management for all users who should have access to one or more software.

The administrator can then create accounts for the authorized users. He also books the required allotment, i.e. the appropriate price model.

What are the advantages of MySSC?

  • helpful set of business software from a single source
  • each software can be used individually and can easily be booked
  • access to the different software with one login (single sign-on)
  • intuitive use thanks to the same look & feel
  • easy handling of users as admin
  • transparent price model

What is MySSC?

The MySSC cloud offers a range of useful software that can be used to efficiently manage various business areas – sometimes for mandatory reasons. This includes, for example

  • the BI software “TransPPParent”, with which you have relevant KPIs at a glance,
  • the “QualityManagement” software, with which you can easily meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 management systems,the “LeanMaintenance” software, with which you can continuously monitor maintenance work of any kind.