Energy Audits and  Energy Management 

Why perform Energy Audits?

Due to the requirements of the Energy Services Act (EDL-G), since 2015, all companies with a size bigger than 250 employees or with a turnover more than 50 million euros and 43 million euros annual balance sheet, must have an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001, EMAS or EN 16247 and at least every four years carry out another audit. This results in the following advantages for companies:

  • Identification of energy-intensive processes as well as business areas with savings potential
  • Cost reduction through implementation of saving measures
  • Securing energy supplies
  • Compliance with legal requirements and use of legal facilities (eg compensation scheme according to EEG and peak compensation)
  • Contribution to resource conservation and climate protection
  • Positive image and competitive advantages
  • Involvement of employees, customers, suppliers.

Our services at a glance:

  • Energy audits according to EN 16247 or advice according to ISO 50001
  • Free use of our energy management software EcoEnterprise to represent the energy flows and performance consumption in the enterprise, during the auditing
  • Preparation of recommendations for action and amortization calculations
  • Detection of compressed air leaks
  • Integration of SmartMeters for intelligent and accurate power consumption measurement

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